Jul 092018
1. Relieves brain injuries such as concussion, whiplash, and trauma from a fall. Injury anywhere in the cranium and spinal cord can cause impaired function in the brain, so the whole system needs to be evaluated and treated to achieve optimum brain function
2. Enhances circulation of 3 fluids. Cerebrospinal fluid, blood and lymph fluid protect, nourish and remove toxins. Robust circulation of all fluids is essential to maintain brain health. Poor circulation causes buildup of inflammatory substances which is at the root of neurodegenerative disorders.
3. Our response to stress can trigger the sympathetic nervous system, or fight or flight, which releases stress hormones that allow for quick response to danger. It is meant to be quick and temporary but what is happening in our complex world is that the body stays in fight or flight response and the stress hormones cause inflammation in the brain and the entire body. A Craniosacral session calms the nervous system allowing it to balance and may improve ability to handle stress in a healthy way.
Nov 202016

The GRACE OF GRATITUDE can be a power of transformation in your life right now! When you are feeling anything less than happy, try becoming mindful of the everyday things that we usually take for granted like easily taking a breath, a full stomach, walking to the mailbox, a comfortable bed, warm blankets and, my favorite, hot running water!! These are not the norm for many people right here in our own community, not to speak of the world.

By consciously feeling deep gratitude for these mundane things, you are engaging the practice of the grace of gratitude and will begin to transform your life in many ways. The immediate effect will be that you feel wonderful!
This is a practice that is worthy of daily attention and can be done while waiting in line or in traffic and anytime.

I am grateful for YOU as a friend, client, or student allowing me to do the work of my dreams and to feel blessed and fulfilled in life.

Today and every day my wish for you is that you feel blessed and fulfilled in your life.

in gratitude,

Oct 242016

Listening With Your Heartbromilaid

Have you ever asked yourself:

“What is the truth here?”

“What am I here for?”

“What does my soul want?”

The answer to these and many more questions live in your heart center. This part of your being includes your physical heart, emotional heart and wisdom gateway heart. We ask the question, then need to listen and open to receive the answer. A closed heart will not hear an answer to prayer or inquiry.

This heart center is meant to be open to receive like the beautiful lotus blossom but many times we close it because of woundings and fear of more pain. Ironically the way to feel safe is to open the most powerful sensing organ that you have so that you may know instantly what is best in any situation. This does not mean that you allow yourself to become open to abuse, but that you become discerning and courageous while standing in your truth. Heart wisdom will show you when to step back and when to engage more fully.

The open heart listens and receives subtle information on people and situations that we encounter so that we can know what to do next. It also receives guidance from the accumulation of soul wisdom from all of your life experiences and assistance from your guides, angels, allies and helpers who are patiently waiting to support you on this journey of life.

This is a journey that you must do for yourself, but not by yourself. There are many who have walked this path and are ready to help. Visionary Craniosacral Work is a way that I offer to guide you along this process. Together we will clear away the obstacles to clear vision and hearing, rekindle your essential courage to move forward and align to the highest vision of your life.

Does this sound exciting? Are you ready for the next step?

If so, please call for your free consultation 941-922-8874, jacquelineRiker.com

And remember that this work can be done in person or remotely.

Jul 062016

Rainbow clouds 2Creating Inner Authority – Sovereignty!

In 1776, when this country became a sovereign nation, that meant that we were no longer controlled by outside forces. Our rulership was established within….by the people and for the people.

What does it mean to be “sovereign” in your own life? Similarly, it means that a person decides to not be controlled by outside forces. While there are many things outside of ourselves that we have no influence over, we can become conscious of our thoughts, feelings and responses to what happens in life. By not giving our power away to what other people think, or what we think we “should” do or be, we begin the process of creating Inner Authority, or sovereignty.

The benefits of living in your own power are many in body, mind and spirit. You become familiar with your purpose in this life and find the courage to allow your skills and talents to emerge and to grace the world around you. This becomes a deeply fulfilling and satisfying way to live life and to be a light of service in the world.

When you take your power back from where you have given away, it becomes easier to know your own heart and thereby live from your soul rather than from fear. Living in fear keeps a person bound up, small and even paralyzed sometimes. We give our power away to ideas, beliefs and habitual thoughts and don’t even know that we are doing it! When you give away your power, or life force, then there is less available to create vibrant physical health or to create a “wholehearted” life of presence, beauty and joy.

If you are living with chronic pain, anxiety, or depression, it may be beneficial to take a look at how you are giving power away, thereby depleting your life force energy. Creating inner authority is a practice and a process that is facilitated by Visionary Craniosacral Work and can be done in person or by remote sessions. A complimentary phone consultation will determine if this work is right for you. Call 941-922-8874 and let’s talk!  or go to www.JacquelineRiker.com/contact

Feb 102016
remote craniosacral work - Jacqueline Riker

What is Remote Craniosacral Work and when would you use it?

Remote Craniosacral Work is the ability to work on a client as if they were actually present on my table in my office. The results are the same, sometimes even better and distance is no issue. I have worked on people on 3 continents with great results.

This work is also part of the process of finding a lost pet or helping a sick one.

A client called from another state saying that her son had been hit in the head with a football and was experiencing dizziness and nausea. When I tuned in to him there was an imbalance of the primary joint of the cranium which was caused from the blow. Using the same techniques used in person, the imbalance corrected and he immediately felt better.

Of course, this is useful when the client is non-local and also when a person may have a cold or flu that I don’t want to be exposed to!

I have used it pre and post-surgery and for any of the conditions and symptoms that craniosacral work is helpful for. (listed in detail on my web site)

remote craniosacral work - Jacqueline RikerSeveral times when working on a lost pet case, I have used it to calm the nervous system of a traumatized pet so that they would come out of hiding allowing someone to find them or if the pet is sick, to get them feeling well enough to come out.

In a phone conversation we would set up the appointment to do the work and talk about what the focus is. Payment is by credit card. For the heart-healing sessions we would be on the phone because there is dialog. For a physically focused session the client is resting peacefully while I am doing the work. After the session we discuss the specifics of the treatment.

We can address healing of the body, mind and spirit with this work. If you have any questions, please call and we can talk! 941-922-8874

Dec 202015

Recently I was feeling distressed by world events and asked my higher guidance how I could feel peaceful. this is what came:
“Do not fall into FEAR. Guard your inner light of truth. Look within to know the truth/not truth of what is being spoken. This is a resonance issue.
If you allow your high vibration of Divine Power, Love, Wisdom to be contaminated with fanaticism, tyranny, ignorance, then you dim your light and fall into the darkness of the spell of fear. Don’t be seduced as has happened in the past, i.e. Nazi tyranny. It is of vital importance now to be a Warrior of Light, standing as a flame in the darkness, unshakeable with no fear, undefiled.

There is much work to be done in the subtle realms – ground the light of truth into this earth as your body and being, becoming the light in the darkness.
Keep your frequency up and heart open. This open heart becomes the Chalice of Divine Grace and you become the tuning fork of wisdom in the world.
Think, speak and act from the vibration of love/wisdom. Do not stand idly by in silence, and do not add to the strength of the fear.

Rahnwyn Jacquie Riker ©


Aug 122015

Harshness creates suffering……it’s plain and simple. Gently notice your harsh thoughts of judgment, criticism, blame, resentment, guilt, shame. Whether these thoughts and feelings are about yourself or another, take inner action to transform them to kindness. It’s a process of monitoring and shifting with no judgment about it!

Regardless of what happens, how would you treat your child, your best friend, your beloved pet? That is how to treat yourself. This may be new territory for you but it is the way out of suffering and into open receptivity to the abundant flow of life. Listen to how you talk to yourself. If you spoke that way to a friend, how would they react?

Change is just a conscious thought away!

Let your inner speaking be from the loving generosity of your higher mind, your soul. Our culture has taught the ego mind to be harsh and competitive. Let the soul speak now to rekindle the world of peace, harmony, cooperation and coherence.

The peace and the healing begin within each one of us. Your power lies in choosing each moment to cultivate compassion and kindness rather than harshness. Contrary to what has been taught, harshness is not power, it leads to separation and suffering.

Do not mistake kindness for weakness for as Kahlil Gibran said “do not judge the power of the ocean by the frailty of its foam.”

If you are wondering “how do I do this??!!” please know that it is ok to ask for help. Visionary healing work can help to find what is keeping you stuck in the old patterns and we can access your deep inner wisdom to assist with the inner transition to the compassionate heart that is free, open, clear and sovereign!

This can be done in person or by phone. Call 941-922-8874 to schedule.

May 272015

What does it mean to be ”grounded” For me, being grounded is to have as much of my life force present in my body as possible and to feel a connection with the life force of the earth. Our bodies are made of the same stuff as earth, so the physical body is nourished, supported and stabilized by connecting with Earth energy. This practice creates a strong vessel for our spirit or soul to live and create on this earth. To feel grounded is to be present with the whole bodymind, not just the head or intellect. Whenever you are feeling foggy, fragmented, scattered, or fearful, you are probably ungrounded.
Being grounded brings heightened awareness of what is happening in your own body and with the surrounding people and places. The senses become able to take in information of what is behind the words or surface actions of others. You can feel when truth is not being told. It’s that “gut feeling” that we so often invalidate but which is our clearest perception. It is a great benefit to learn to trust this deep inner awareness.
Grounding creates the feelings of strength, stability and support……can anyone use that?!!
The human body functions as an Earth/Sky axis, like a tree with roots in the earth and branches reaching up to sky to take in the energy of the sun and heavens. Our human feet are firmly on the ground, yet able to move, adapt and flow. Using the image of a tree, feel your roots reaching down into the earth from your feet or from the base of your spine. Inhale up the earth energy into your pelvis then gently breathe it up your spine. It is the rich, red lifeblood that sustains the vitality of organs, bones, blood and muscles of the body.
Next open your crown and breathe in the active, creative frequency of the Cosmos. Invite this energy to cascade gently through your brain, neck and shoulders and down into your heart where it merges with the Earth energy, yin and yang together, in wholeness, radiating throughout your entire being. This is creating heaven on earth within YOU!
With practice this can be done in a minute, even while in an airplane or sitting at a stop light. Practice it daily while you are feeling good so that when chaos shows up it is easy to get into your grounded center and navigate life with grace.
Jumpstart your grounding practice with a Craniosacral session to really get the feel of it. This can be done in person or by phone. Call 941-922-8874 to schedule. Also, my guided meditation cd begins with a 10 minute guided grounding meditation. It’s available on my web site www.jacquelineRiker.com

Jan 292015

It’s such a surprise when the room suddenly begins to spin or when you transition from sitting to lying down and feel dizziness and nausea. Vertigo, dizziness or Menierer’s syndrome can be annoying, completely debilitating and everything in between. Several clients have presented recently with varying degrees of vertigo and we have had some great results using Craniosacral Therapy for relief.
The membranes of the craniosacral system have a direct effect on the inner ear which is what governs our sense of balance. So anything that impacts the membranes can trigger a dizziness episode. The cranial membrane system and thereby the inner ear can be effected by chronic stress, whiplash, severe coughing, emotional trauma or shock, a fall, dental work, anesthesia, and TMJ dysfunction.
Most people have had great improvement or complete relief with 3 to 4 sessions. In the case of Menierer’s syndrome and vestibular migrane more sessions and maintenance sessions may be needed.
Don’t wait until it is your “last resort”! Call today to begin your relief 941-922-8874.

Oct 222014

This question comes up frequently and I can understand why. While doing Craniosacral work, my hands are lightly resting on the clients body, not moving like in Swedish massage. It looks like not much is happening but the very subtle craniosacral rhythm is being palpated by the light touch and informatioDragonflyn is pouring into my hands and my awareness. In Reiki, the practitioner is conduiting the energy into the body with no specific direction. In Craniosacral work I am visualizing the internal structures of the brain, organs or body, and using energy along with structural techniques to release restrictions in the soft tissue or energy of the body to restore balance and optimal function. There is really a lot going on! So while the treatment may look similar it is really vastly different with craniosacral work being much more complex.
It gets far more interesting when we initiate “Therapeutic Dialoging” or Unwinding. Stay tuned for that info!