Feb 102016
remote craniosacral work - Jacqueline Riker

What is Remote Craniosacral Work and when would you use it?

Remote Craniosacral Work is the ability to work on a client as if they were actually present on my table in my office. The results are the same, sometimes even better and distance is no issue. I have worked on people on 3 continents with great results.

This work is also part of the process of finding a lost pet or helping a sick one.

A client called from another state saying that her son had been hit in the head with a football and was experiencing dizziness and nausea. When I tuned in to him there was an imbalance of the primary joint of the cranium which was caused from the blow. Using the same techniques used in person, the imbalance corrected and he immediately felt better.

Of course, this is useful when the client is non-local and also when a person may have a cold or flu that I don’t want to be exposed to!

I have used it pre and post-surgery and for any of the conditions and symptoms that craniosacral work is helpful for. (listed in detail on my web site)

remote craniosacral work - Jacqueline RikerSeveral times when working on a lost pet case, I have used it to calm the nervous system of a traumatized pet so that they would come out of hiding allowing someone to find them or if the pet is sick, to get them feeling well enough to come out.

In a phone conversation we would set up the appointment to do the work and talk about what the focus is. Payment is by credit card. For the heart-healing sessions we would be on the phone because there is dialog. For a physically focused session the client is resting peacefully while I am doing the work. After the session we discuss the specifics of the treatment.

We can address healing of the body, mind and spirit with this work. If you have any questions, please call and we can talk! 941-922-8874

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