Meditation CD



“Soft, subtle sounds of nature enhance a peaceful meditation
and powerful visualization. I feel loved as I listen.” ~ Dee Wadle

Song of the Sacred: You are the Singer, You are the Song

Guided meditation is a way to reach that deep still point within where our Wisdom and Power dwells. By rekindling our imagination, we tap into our inner world opening our ability to create, to heal and to transform.

 “We must be the changes we wish to see in the world.”
~ Mahatma Gandhi

Meditation is a way to move out of contracted, fearful patterns of thinking and behavior and to become peace, trust, balance, radiance, harmony and joy.

In our complicated world, this may seem too simple. And we can remember that the most profound truths are found in natural simplicity. The power is in you. As creator of your thoughts and words, you become the Singer of your life and your life becomes the Song that is your gift to yourself and to all the world.

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