“There are not potent enough words to thank you for yesterday’s healing session.  It was nothing short of miraculous.  Today is a new day for me….there is so much peace.”   KF, Bradenton, Fl   12-13-13

“It has been interesting to watch as you continue to add more and more skills and gifts to your healing repertoire…I don’t think I know anyone with the high level and diversity of skills that you have!”  Kim Fabre, DDS, Bradenton, Fl   5-29-13

“My back pain was completely eradicated! And my ear problem has been greatly reduced. I attribute these results to our session…you are amazing! “ ~ JB, Sarasota, Fl

“I had to write this testimonial because I have had such profound effects from the healing work that you do. First of all, in a session about six months ago, I was going through a huge life transition and when I came to you, during the session I had a profound energy/consciousness shift. Not long after that session, I “unfolded” my life’s purpose and am moving down that fulfilling path now — my consciousness, daily experience, and life as a whole is transforming into my vision of what I want it to be! Recently I had a whiplash and such severe dizziness that I could barely get out of bed. After one craniosacral session the dizziness was 97 to 98% gone. I had one more session the next day and not a trace of dizziness! Thank you so very much.” ~  CWR, Sarasota, Fl

“Jacquie is the” real thing”! In addition to her vast knowledge of craniosacral and energy healing, she is a compassionate, respectful and inspiring person. With her I feel totally safe to enter into the healing process, trusting that she will listen to me and honor my journey. Each week after a session I feel as if another layer of old, heavy garbage is released from my being, and I get lighter and healthier.” ~ Amy Martin, Situate, Ma

“Last year I started getting severe headaches lasting weeks at a time. I went to two neurologists, a neurosurgeon and Mayo Clinic, was diagnosed with Inter-cranial Hypertension and given pain meds which had terrible depressive side effects. Spinal taps relieved the pressure for only a few days. I read about “Visionary Craniosacral Work” in my search for anything to relieve my pain and set up an appointment.  After each session my pain was lessened dramatically and after several sessions my headaches have completely stopped and I am off all meds. Thanks very much for your help.  It was truly a life-changing experience.  I am now enjoying life again rather than dreading every morning when I would wake up with a terrible headache.” ~ Bob Enander, Bradenton, Fl

May 1, 2013

I just wanted to put in writing the experience I had after the craniosacral work you performed on me recently. Although I have for many years believed in the power of “alternative” healing I was surprised that a long distance session could actually work. I was driving in my car with two young children arguing in the backseat and extreme tension in my neck. When you did the healing, I could literally feel the tension slip away, like energy bubbles dissipating into thin air. Simultaneously, the girls became quiet. It was like the world just slipped away.

When we got together in person a few days later, I wasn’t really sure what to expect once again. After a short briefing about your work and intuitions of my present needs, we began. I just allowed myself to remain open. Following the session, I felt very relaxed. About a half hour after leaving the session, I realized that the tension in my head and neck was no longer present! You have no idea what pain I had been in-to the point I couldn’t even permit my chiropractor to adjust my neck properly.

I’ve given considerable thought to these experiences and if I had to summarize them, I would say that rather than the deep tissue massage to get the kinks out that I thought I needed, your work was extremely gentle and perhaps even afforded better results.

After knowing you over 16 years, I can’t believe I hadn’t done a session much earlier.

While I don’t understand what exactly it is that you do, I think that is irrelevant. What I do know is that it works. Thank you so much for helping relieve me of the pain I was experiencing. Please feel free to share this letter with others so that it may help them also.

All the best,

Brenda K. Green, M.Ed.