Oct 242016

Listening With Your Heartbromilaid

Have you ever asked yourself:

“What is the truth here?”

“What am I here for?”

“What does my soul want?”

The answer to these and many more questions live in your heart center. This part of your being includes your physical heart, emotional heart and wisdom gateway heart. We ask the question, then need to listen and open to receive the answer. A closed heart will not hear an answer to prayer or inquiry.

This heart center is meant to be open to receive like the beautiful lotus blossom but many times we close it because of woundings and fear of more pain. Ironically the way to feel safe is to open the most powerful sensing organ that you have so that you may know instantly what is best in any situation. This does not mean that you allow yourself to become open to abuse, but that you become discerning and courageous while standing in your truth. Heart wisdom will show you when to step back and when to engage more fully.

The open heart listens and receives subtle information on people and situations that we encounter so that we can know what to do next. It also receives guidance from the accumulation of soul wisdom from all of your life experiences and assistance from your guides, angels, allies and helpers who are patiently waiting to support you on this journey of life.

This is a journey that you must do for yourself, but not by yourself. There are many who have walked this path and are ready to help. Visionary Craniosacral Work is a way that I offer to guide you along this process. Together we will clear away the obstacles to clear vision and hearing, rekindle your essential courage to move forward and align to the highest vision of your life.

Does this sound exciting? Are you ready for the next step?

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And remember that this work can be done in person or remotely.

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