Nov 202016

The GRACE OF GRATITUDE can be a power of transformation in your life right now! When you are feeling anything less than happy, try becoming mindful of the everyday things that we usually take for granted like easily taking a breath, a full stomach, walking to the mailbox, a comfortable bed, warm blankets and, my favorite, hot running water!! These are not the norm for many people right here in our own community, not to speak of the world.

By consciously feeling deep gratitude for these mundane things, you are engaging the practice of the grace of gratitude and will begin to transform your life in many ways. The immediate effect will be that you feel wonderful!
This is a practice that is worthy of daily attention and can be done while waiting in line or in traffic and anytime.

I am grateful for YOU as a friend, client, or student allowing me to do the work of my dreams and to feel blessed and fulfilled in life.

Today and every day my wish for you is that you feel blessed and fulfilled in your life.

in gratitude,

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