Jul 092018
1. Relieves brain injuries such as concussion, whiplash, and trauma from a fall. Injury anywhere in the cranium and spinal cord can cause impaired function in the brain, so the whole system needs to be evaluated and treated to achieve optimum brain function
2. Enhances circulation of 3 fluids. Cerebrospinal fluid, blood and lymph fluid protect, nourish and remove toxins. Robust circulation of all fluids is essential to maintain brain health. Poor circulation causes buildup of inflammatory substances which is at the root of neurodegenerative disorders.
3. Our response to stress can trigger the sympathetic nervous system, or fight or flight, which releases stress hormones that allow for quick response to danger. It is meant to be quick and temporary but what is happening in our complex world is that the body stays in fight or flight response and the stress hormones cause inflammation in the brain and the entire body. A Craniosacral session calms the nervous system allowing it to balance and may improve ability to handle stress in a healthy way.

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