May 272015

What does it mean to be ”grounded” For me, being grounded is to have as much of my life force present in my body as possible and to feel a connection with the life force of the earth. Our bodies are made of the same stuff as earth, so the physical body is nourished, supported and stabilized by connecting with Earth energy. This practice creates a strong vessel for our spirit or soul to live and create on this earth. To feel grounded is to be present with the whole bodymind, not just the head or intellect. Whenever you are feeling foggy, fragmented, scattered, or fearful, you are probably ungrounded.
Being grounded brings heightened awareness of what is happening in your own body and with the surrounding people and places. The senses become able to take in information of what is behind the words or surface actions of others. You can feel when truth is not being told. It’s that “gut feeling” that we so often invalidate but which is our clearest perception. It is a great benefit to learn to trust this deep inner awareness.
Grounding creates the feelings of strength, stability and support……can anyone use that?!!
The human body functions as an Earth/Sky axis, like a tree with roots in the earth and branches reaching up to sky to take in the energy of the sun and heavens. Our human feet are firmly on the ground, yet able to move, adapt and flow. Using the image of a tree, feel your roots reaching down into the earth from your feet or from the base of your spine. Inhale up the earth energy into your pelvis then gently breathe it up your spine. It is the rich, red lifeblood that sustains the vitality of organs, bones, blood and muscles of the body.
Next open your crown and breathe in the active, creative frequency of the Cosmos. Invite this energy to cascade gently through your brain, neck and shoulders and down into your heart where it merges with the Earth energy, yin and yang together, in wholeness, radiating throughout your entire being. This is creating heaven on earth within YOU!
With practice this can be done in a minute, even while in an airplane or sitting at a stop light. Practice it daily while you are feeling good so that when chaos shows up it is easy to get into your grounded center and navigate life with grace.
Jumpstart your grounding practice with a Craniosacral session to really get the feel of it. This can be done in person or by phone. Call 941-922-8874 to schedule. Also, my guided meditation cd begins with a 10 minute guided grounding meditation. It’s available on my web site

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