Jan 292015

It’s such a surprise when the room suddenly begins to spin or when you transition from sitting to lying down and feel dizziness and nausea. Vertigo, dizziness or Menierer’s syndrome can be annoying, completely debilitating and everything in between. Several clients have presented recently with varying degrees of vertigo and we have had some great results using Craniosacral Therapy for relief.
The membranes of the craniosacral system have a direct effect on the inner ear which is what governs our sense of balance. So anything that impacts the membranes can trigger a dizziness episode. The cranial membrane system and thereby the inner ear can be effected by chronic stress, whiplash, severe coughing, emotional trauma or shock, a fall, dental work, anesthesia, and TMJ dysfunction.
Most people have had great improvement or complete relief with 3 to 4 sessions. In the case of Menierer’s syndrome and vestibular migrane more sessions and maintenance sessions may be needed.
Don’t wait until it is your “last resort”! Call today to begin your relief 941-922-8874.

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