Oct 222014

This question comes up frequently and I can understand why. While doing Craniosacral work, my hands are lightly resting on the clients body, not moving like in Swedish massage. It looks like not much is happening but the very subtle craniosacral rhythm is being palpated by the light touch and informatioDragonflyn is pouring into my hands and my awareness. In Reiki, the practitioner is conduiting the energy into the body with no specific direction. In Craniosacral work I am visualizing the internal structures of the brain, organs or body, and using energy along with structural techniques to release restrictions in the soft tissue or energy of the body to restore balance and optimal function. There is really a lot going on! So while the treatment may look similar it is really vastly different with craniosacral work being much more complex.
It gets far more interesting when we initiate “Therapeutic Dialoging” or Unwinding. Stay tuned for that info!

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