Oct 152014

Transformative Healing of Body, Mind and Spirit!
Do you want to be free of physical pain, mental/emotional trauma, stress and anxiety? Craniosacral work offers the bridge to your goal of vibrant health and wellbeing.

Using gentle hands-on structural techniques which include the use of energy work, we work with the natural healing ability of your body to release, balance and harmonize the physical and energetic systems that make up your being.

Craniosacral work offers:

Relief from:
•TMJ dysfunction
•Sinus pain
•Neck Pain/whiplash
•Anxiety, Depression, Grief
•Shock (acute trauma)

Help with:
•Colic, Ear Infections
•ADHD, Autism
•Stress, PTSD
•Brain, Spinal Injuries
•Chronic Fatigue


•Blood pressure
•Immune System
•Focus and concentration
•Sleep patterns
•Vitality and energy level
•Positive attitude


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