May 262014

Rise and Shine

Each day, each hour, every minute you have the choice of how you will vibrate and what frequency will be sent out into the Infinite Source Field. This is the same as prayer, except it is EVERY thought you have creating your life in the next moment. This is what Ernest Holmes meant with “You cannot afford the luxury of a negative thought.”
How is a negative thought a “luxury”? When you have felt angry, wounded, judgmental, betrayed, guilty, and afraid, it usually involves blaming or projection onto another person. This puts the cause “out there” rather than in here. And in here is the only place where you truly have power of choice. No matter what you have been taught, you cannot control most external circumstances. You can only magnetize to you what you are vibrating. Those low frequency emotions draw more of the same.
True power is in being mindful of each thought and choosing the high frequency thoughts of peace, wisdom, love, compassion, acceptance, open-heartedness. This is the spiritual practice of a lifetime and magnetizes expansive opportunities to create a life beyond your dreams.
What you are doing is resetting your default mode. Most people have a go-to emotional reaction that is the default mode. Discover what that is for you and the next time you go to it, mindfully and lovingly shift to the higher frequency vibration of what you wish to become….peace, joy, wisdom, freedom. If you judge yourself about it, you will stay in the lower frequency.
This practice is beautiful in its simplicity and like any change you make in yourself it requires patience, perseverance and practice. The rewards are magnificent as you become aware of how you feel in the higher frequency emotions and observe what you begin to attract to you. This is being in training to become Heaven on Earth and the commitment to be a change agent for all life on Earth. You will make a difference!

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