Jun 112014

You really have no idea how deeply you touch the hearts of others. It doesn’t take much – just your own heart fully open to the flow of Universal Love. Open your heart to receive the infinite flow of Divine Power, Love, Wisdom, the let it flow out from you in all directions. Experience this flow with colors, sounds and fragrances. See it coming in through the top of your head then going out as your seeing, speaking, action and feelings. The power of this is unstoppable and sometimes you will not even know the effect of it.
But the people around you will feel and know on some level. The frequency of consciousness for all will be raised and your guides and angels will sing and dance with your brilliance.
It’s so simple that we tend to overlook it; maybe because it’s not something that you “do”, but something that you “become”. The ego doesn’t get recognition here, but the soul rejoices because it is the Divine “flow through” which helps to create Heaven on Earth.
What will you co-create today?
Rahnwyn Jacquie 6-11-14

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