Sep 152014

Never be the same

With each breath

bring out and emerge

your deeper awareness

of the Vision of


No more hiding or playing small, you are bright and clear NOW.

No matter what you have been told, no matter what you tell yourself, you are loved, loving and loveable beyond words.

As the day dawns, open to the fresh new day and bring yourself to it by saying “Introducing..(your name and what you want to be in this day). Move into the day as if you are in the starring role of the greatest play…..because you really are. This IS a play, don’t take it too seriously. Everyone is a character in your drama and life unfolds in several “acts”.

All the while you get to co-create the script for the day….consciously or not….it’s up to you.

Sit each morning and plot your script, call on the characters, physical or non-physical to play along.

Remember that the applause of others is not needed, as the audience is YOU!

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