May 192014

Soul Path
Sacred Inner Alchemy

Rev. Jacquie Riker

• Discover your Soul Purpose
• Reclaim your Soul’s Voice
• Dialog with Soul
• Manifest your Dreams
• Awaken your Authentic Self
When: Four Tuesdays, June 3, 10, 17, 24 at 7:30pm
Where: Sarasota Center of Light, Davis Hall, 852 S. Tuttle Ave , Sarasota, Fl
Fee: Pre-register for 4 classes $60, 953-6620 or $20/class

Apr 162014

The vibrations were uplifting for the 25 people in attendance. Here are some comments:
“The severe pain in my leg disappeared!”
“I felt an inner alignment”
“That night I slept better than in a long time”
“I wish it were longer”
Our next evening will be on May 9 at 7:00 and my featured guests artists are Hannah Remy and Ann Williams on the sacred gongs. Hope to see you there!

Mar 262014

Sound Journey Into Light – Rev. Jacquie Riker and Friends
Friday, April 11, 2014, 7:00p.m. Sarasota Center of Light, Davis Hall
• Crystal and Tibetan bowls
• Rev. Jacquie’s channeled guided meditation
• Voice toning to create inner vibrations of healing, harmony, balance, coherence and to become a vessel of Light.

Featured Artists are David Gittens and Linda Maree with East Indian inspired meditation music and Ann Williams with bowls

This diverse and participatory evening begins by raising our personal frequency with the vibrations of the bowls. Rev. Jacquie will then lead a channeled meditation that may include grounding, heart centering, healing, connecting to higher-self, releasing limitations, and expanding consciousness.
David and Linda will gently bring us out of the meditation with their beautiful music.
Please join us for this uplifting evening of community, connection and celebration!
Donation: $10 – 20.
Future Sound Journey dates: May 9, June 13, July 11
Location: Davis Hall at Sarasota Center of Light, 852 S. Tuttle Ave, Sarasota, Fl
rainbow tree

Mar 012014

How can you be free of limiting beliefs, harmful habits and out-grown identity? Choose and commit to a practice that creates new life-affirming beliefs and habits, and an expansive identity. It’s easier to let go of “the old” when you have a better option to move into. A practice is a ritual, pattern or behavior that you perform routinely, daily, until it becomes your new “default pattern”. For example, a typical response when fear is felt is that the breath becomes very shallow. This usually locks in the fear and may lead to anxiety. A practice would be to notice when you are tightening your breathing and consciously take deep breaths along with thinking and feeling “I am peace” or another appropriate affirmation. The process is being willing to stick with the practice until you reach the desired change. Remember to be grateful every time you catch yourself in the old habit as you gracefully shift your focus to your empowered choice of the new thought, habit and identity. This is the beautiful process of growth, recognizing your power of choice and keeping your focus single on your chosen intention.

Practice “single-pointed presence” by bringing focus to breath and be here, now. It doesn’t need to be a complicated process because Spirit loves simplicity. Feel the flow of life force moving in with the breath, through your body vertically and out with the exhale.. Release tension in the body from top to bottom taking as much time as needed breathing with each area, the neck, jaw, shoulders, back. Feel the tightness melt and flow out through your feet into the earth. Open the held places to receive the spacious movement of Life. You may notice a gentle movement in your torso as if you are undulating with the breath like sea grass moving with the tide, rooted in earth and supported and held by the ocean. Feel yourself connected to earth and supported by the energy field of generativity that enfolds you. You may add a word or mantra such as “Yes” on the inhale and “Thank You” on the exhale. Or “I am” on inhale and “Peace” on exhale. As spiritual beings we are rooted in our body, yet completely supported by the field of life force that surrounds us like an ocean. As holding and tension leaves the body, it frees the Spirit to move through as the Breath of Life and allows the emergence of our deepest creativity and latent talents. The creative fire is rekindled and fed by the constant inpouring of Life energy. We become a vessel of Light and life on this Earth. This is felt on some level by all people we come in contact with and gives them non-verbal permission to open to the fullness of Life. Change your breath- change your body, change your thinking- change your experience.

A Visionary Healing Arts session can facilitate this process and practice by working with your body to release rigidity and trauma. We can also work with your subconscious to reveal hidden attitudes and patterns that are restrictive and to engage your inner wisdom and emerge your latent creativity and soul expression. We can invoke your guides, angels, helpers and allies who are waiting to support your work. This can be done in an in-person session or a remote healing session.

Call today for your appointment! 941-922-8874 (texting not accepted

Feb 262014


As you launch into this year, what will guide your path forward? Around the first of each year I have found it beneficial to take time to go inward and ask for a word or phrase that will be used as the focus and intention for the year. Each time there is a decision to be made it becomes easy to determine by asking “Is this in alignment with the intention I have set for this year?”

To find your word or phrase, go into your stillness in a meditation and ask your higher self, guides, angels, etc, to reveal the word or phrase that is most powerful for your evolution this year. It may not come right then, but may appear later in a book, a song, or something someone says to you and you get a “gut feeling” that THAT’S IT! So stay open and receptive and expect it to come to you.

Your word may guide you to your latent potential that is waiting to emerge. This is what you already are, so there is no need to struggle to become, just own it, embrace it and be willing to evolve it.

During this process, I came across a word that was new to me….Dahrana, which is a Sanskrit word meaning concentration or one-pointedness. I got the hit and knew immediately it is my word for 2014. So if I start to look like a cone-head, you’ll know why!

If you have not set your evolutionary intention for the year, please feel free to use this process. If you feel blocked by limiting beliefs, attitudes, habits, low energy, pain, scattered mind, or anything else, a Visionary Healing session of craniosacral work and/or an intuitive/channeled reading would assist you in moving forward in your power.

Let’s all have a year of living our soul purpose and fulfilling our highest destiny!


Jacquie Riker

Oct 312013

Conscious Evolution: Tools for Living the Sacred
Wednesdays, November 6, 13, 20, 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

With lecture, discussion, exercises, guided meditations, and unified group intention, we will:

•Discover your soul’s code, what you are meant to be in this life; archetypes and entelechy!
•Create new patterns of conscious thought and action that align with your life purpose.
•Awaken your infinite creative potential to manifest your life with intention.
•Transform the illusion of separation.

$55.00 for all 3 classes due at registration, or $20.00 at each class, rsvp 941-544-5874

The Spirit University

373 Braden Ave, Sarasota, FL 34243

(off 41 near airport, behind Primo’s Restaurant)


Aug 202013

Visionary Craniosacral includes working on the conscious evolution level to move you up to a higher frequency vibration to attract what your soul desires in life. By working with the body, we transform any energetic patterning that holds limiting beliefs or contraction. The process of core belief transformation can help you to discover your soul purpose, awaken your authentic power, manifest your dreams, transform obstacles into allies, identify your archetypes and communicate with your guides and angels. This is the exciting journey of a lifetime!

May 302013

“Happiness is the greatest paradox of nature. It can grow in any soil, live under any conditions. It defies environment. It comes from within; it is the revelation of the depths of the inner life as light and heat proclaim the sun from which they radiate. Happiness consists not of having, but of being; not of possessing, but of enjoying. A martyr at the stake may have happiness that a king on his throne might envy. Man is the creator of his own happiness; it is the aroma of a life lived in harmony with high ideals. For what a man has, he may be dependent on others; what he is rests with him alone. Happiness is the soul’s joy in the possession of the intangible. It is the warm glow of a heart at peace with itself.”   Karen Weinreb

How does one come to a“heart at peace with itself.”? Where do you find contentment, meaning the feeling of being satisfied with the contents of your life? Contentment doesn’t mean that you are resigned to be stuck where you are, but that you can accept where you are now so that you can engage your next step forward from the power of peace in your heart….not fear. Fear keeps you in the continuous ego loop that stops you from stepping out into the unknown so that you can open new doors. The ego wants you to stay with what you know because the unknown is terrifying. But if you create tomorrow with the “same ole, same ole”…what you get is the SAME. To create new life, you must risk moving with the wisdom of the unknown which then opens you to create something truly NEW.
The heart knows how to do this……REALLY??!! YES! But a heart contracted in fear cannot. Only a heart that has been liberated and opened to greater perception can guide you into the soul’s joy of life. The soul speaks through the heart, but if you haven’t listened to it, the voice may have been silenced.
Visionary CranioSacral Work can facilitate a dialogue with your heart to discover what is there and what is not there. Plugging in to heart wisdom will open doors that you did not know were there! And when you kindle the deep courage of your ancient heart, you have a powerful ally and guide as you move forward into the excitement of co-creating your life. Let your heart reveal it’s inner light and radiate it’s passion for enjoying a happy life.
The intention of Visionary Craniosacral Work is to create a clear mind, a free body, and an open heart!

May 062013

This month of May is teaming with auspicious energies.  If there is anything in your life (interior or exterior) that is no longer serving, is hindering or feels constrictive, now is the time to set the intention to let go and open to your higher possibility to be whole, free, and empowered.  Seeing this process as a “Hero’s Journey” (my upcoming class) can offer a way to navigate surprises and changes with a sense of being prepared and centered in your power rather than being a victim of circumstances that “happen out of the blue”.  It helps to see the challenges of life from a mythic perspective complete with numerous allies by your side.  Mythologize rather than pathologize!
It can also be comforting and supportive to be part of a group or community which is engaged in understanding life through the lense of the symbolic and mythic.  Such is the upcoming class “The Hero’s Journey”.  Please see the event page for details.rainbow tree

Mar 262013

Recently I taught 4 classes on Igniting the essence of your heart power and I would like to share some of the “motifs”……
“When our lives are informed and graced by the energies of essence, we come to live the larger life we were meant to have.” Jean Houston, The Wizard of Us
“When illuminating your shadow, use only a candle light. A halogen headlight is too harsh. Be kind!” Jacquie Riker
“If you want to know what your thoughts were like in the past, look at your body today. If you want to know what your body will be like in the future, look at your thoughts today.” Deepak Chopra
Responsibility – The ability to spontaneously respond to life in this moment with all of the creativity and wisdom harvested in your lifetime. J. Riker
“A lesson is not learned, after all, until it is lived, integrated, understood; and this is what the heart does best.” Merivale, Harps of Gold
Comments by JR – With heart wisdom you open to your “becoming”, the emerging of your higher consciousness. Intellectual curiosity is fun, but meaningless without the heart of integration. It can even be dangerous because intellectual knowledge can be manipulated by the ego for self-serving purposes.
The reconnection of head and heart is the “hero’s journey”. The hero within awaits and beckons you to go forward in trust that even though there are perils ahead, your heart holds all the courage necessary to overcome the obstacle of fear. Your soul calls to come home to connection, wholeness and freedom….will you awaken to the call and make the return? This is a journey that you must do for yourself, but not by yourself. Many non-physical helpers are waiting and ready to walk with you.
If this sounds intriguing…..Visionary Craniosacral Work can help you to ignite your heart-light so call today for your appointment! 941-922-8874