May 292014

This is what Rahnwyn said to me on my morning bike ride today:
To be free is to live in the soul. The soul incarnates into the body from a place of infinite freedom. It is like putting clothes on the body. It doesn’t take away the freedom, but there is a feeling of being contained. In this sacred container of the body, we are meant to know the feeling of freedom of the soul. So let’s begin with the breath.
Free the breath to be big, expansive, with as much motion as possible. Open the solar plexus to allow the respiratory diaphragm room to expand with each breath. Let the lungs expand in all directions, top and bottom, side to side, front and back. All the while noticing how this feels in the body. Does your posture change? Do you feel expansive? You may cough and that could be a release. As you are breathing in, you are saying YES to LIFE, thus the quality of the breath determines the quality of LIFE. How much LIFE can you open to?
Include the Heart in this opening to the Breath of LIFE. Let Heart soften and receive life force so that it becomes full, open, clear and strong. Give it all the space it needs so that Soul comes through loud and clear. Heart is our strongest sensing area. It knows when truth is being spoken, and it knows what is not being spoken. Heart sees deeply. Free the Heart to be your guide in wisdom, love and power. Free the wisdom of the heart to connect with the creative and logical brain to create the wholeness needed for navigating all the experiences of life.
Notice any tense, held or painful places in the body. Free the neck, the jaw, the eyes, the throat, shoulders, back, belly, sacrum and hips. Free all the systems of the body to create a symphony of vibrant health by working together in concert.
Try a practice of taking a brisk walk or bike ride and with every breath in say FREEDOM. Let that emotion and energy of freedom go wherever it is needed in the body.
Free of fear and doubt
Free of obstruction and stuckness
Free of addiction and victimhood
Free of shame and guilt
Free of the past and the future
Free of confusion and self-destruction

Free to be all I am meant to be in this life
Free to be a sacred vessel of the Divine
Free to express my soul purpose and desires
Free to live in Divine Power, Love, Wisdom
Free to: (make up your own declarations!)
Now, notice how you feel in your body and what has changed. You are now free to be anchored in freedom throughout your day. Every time you have a thought that is not free, just notice it and let it go by and mindfully create the next thought in freedom. I CHOOSE FREEDOM!! It doesn’t matter if you do this a thousand times a day. This is a practice of a lifetime and what could be more important or more empowering?
In service,
Rahnwyn Jacquie Riker

May 262014

Rise and Shine

Each day, each hour, every minute you have the choice of how you will vibrate and what frequency will be sent out into the Infinite Source Field. This is the same as prayer, except it is EVERY thought you have creating your life in the next moment. This is what Ernest Holmes meant with “You cannot afford the luxury of a negative thought.”
How is a negative thought a “luxury”? When you have felt angry, wounded, judgmental, betrayed, guilty, and afraid, it usually involves blaming or projection onto another person. This puts the cause “out there” rather than in here. And in here is the only place where you truly have power of choice. No matter what you have been taught, you cannot control most external circumstances. You can only magnetize to you what you are vibrating. Those low frequency emotions draw more of the same.
True power is in being mindful of each thought and choosing the high frequency thoughts of peace, wisdom, love, compassion, acceptance, open-heartedness. This is the spiritual practice of a lifetime and magnetizes expansive opportunities to create a life beyond your dreams.
What you are doing is resetting your default mode. Most people have a go-to emotional reaction that is the default mode. Discover what that is for you and the next time you go to it, mindfully and lovingly shift to the higher frequency vibration of what you wish to become….peace, joy, wisdom, freedom. If you judge yourself about it, you will stay in the lower frequency.
This practice is beautiful in its simplicity and like any change you make in yourself it requires patience, perseverance and practice. The rewards are magnificent as you become aware of how you feel in the higher frequency emotions and observe what you begin to attract to you. This is being in training to become Heaven on Earth and the commitment to be a change agent for all life on Earth. You will make a difference!

May 202014

This is what came through my guide, Rahnwyn, this morning:
Now is a time to be as the wind and the water….flowing. Let no obstacle deter you, just move around it and go forward. Think of how water erodes rock over time with its constant flow and be that constant in your intention to move forward, to move up in frequency. Do all of this with an open heart, not fear, contraction or anger. Even those things which are most difficult, feel no anger because it will keep you tied to that thing. The only way you can flow is to be open.
First create the flow within your energy body. Beginning with heart chakra. Take in energy of Earth and Cosmos and mix it in Chalice of the Heart. The Cauldron in head takes in Cosmic, the Crucible in pelvis takes in Earth. Alchemy happens in the Chalice Heart when the energies are blended and then move out into the entire energy field. Within your physical body and energy body you can transform the lead of that which is stagnant and stuck into the gold of flowing Life Force. Lovingly find every thought that is limiting or judgmental and let it flow back into the Earth. Gracefully find any situation or person that has not been forgiven and let the Chalice energy carry it from your grasp to be dissolved in the ocean of life. Take a big deep breath expanding your lungs as far as they can go and giving your heart room to breathe. So much space, so spacious, so glorious to breathe LIFE. Then ask Heart…What do you need today? And listen, not with your head, but with your heart. So you are asking and listening from heart. Be still and know I am God!!
In the stillness you find the gold and with the flowing, you take it into the world. What is the gold of this day? It can be as simple as remembering to breathe deeply, surrendering to the tide of the breath of life going in and out. Sitting and breathing and always checking back in with Heart, asking “What do I need right now?” Then moving and going, walking the path of the Chalice of the Heart allowing Soul to flow forth.
Sometimes you may need to be StrongHeart, standing unshakeable with no fear and moving forward with certainty of who you are and focus on where you are going with intention on who you are becoming. This is the Spiritual Warrior who says “This is who I am and where I stand.”
In the Chalice, there is time for stillness and time for action. There is checking within and looking out to see how you can bring your Soul to all of life.

May 192014

Soul Path
Sacred Inner Alchemy

Rev. Jacquie Riker

• Discover your Soul Purpose
• Reclaim your Soul’s Voice
• Dialog with Soul
• Manifest your Dreams
• Awaken your Authentic Self
When: Four Tuesdays, June 3, 10, 17, 24 at 7:30pm
Where: Sarasota Center of Light, Davis Hall, 852 S. Tuttle Ave , Sarasota, Fl
Fee: Pre-register for 4 classes $60, 953-6620 or $20/class