Mar 262014

Sound Journey Into Light – Rev. Jacquie Riker and Friends
Friday, April 11, 2014, 7:00p.m. Sarasota Center of Light, Davis Hall
• Crystal and Tibetan bowls
• Rev. Jacquie’s channeled guided meditation
• Voice toning to create inner vibrations of healing, harmony, balance, coherence and to become a vessel of Light.

Featured Artists are David Gittens and Linda Maree with East Indian inspired meditation music and Ann Williams with bowls

This diverse and participatory evening begins by raising our personal frequency with the vibrations of the bowls. Rev. Jacquie will then lead a channeled meditation that may include grounding, heart centering, healing, connecting to higher-self, releasing limitations, and expanding consciousness.
David and Linda will gently bring us out of the meditation with their beautiful music.
Please join us for this uplifting evening of community, connection and celebration!
Donation: $10 – 20.
Future Sound Journey dates: May 9, June 13, July 11
Location: Davis Hall at Sarasota Center of Light, 852 S. Tuttle Ave, Sarasota, Fl
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Mar 012014

How can you be free of limiting beliefs, harmful habits and out-grown identity? Choose and commit to a practice that creates new life-affirming beliefs and habits, and an expansive identity. It’s easier to let go of “the old” when you have a better option to move into. A practice is a ritual, pattern or behavior that you perform routinely, daily, until it becomes your new “default pattern”. For example, a typical response when fear is felt is that the breath becomes very shallow. This usually locks in the fear and may lead to anxiety. A practice would be to notice when you are tightening your breathing and consciously take deep breaths along with thinking and feeling “I am peace” or another appropriate affirmation. The process is being willing to stick with the practice until you reach the desired change. Remember to be grateful every time you catch yourself in the old habit as you gracefully shift your focus to your empowered choice of the new thought, habit and identity. This is the beautiful process of growth, recognizing your power of choice and keeping your focus single on your chosen intention.

Practice “single-pointed presence” by bringing focus to breath and be here, now. It doesn’t need to be a complicated process because Spirit loves simplicity. Feel the flow of life force moving in with the breath, through your body vertically and out with the exhale.. Release tension in the body from top to bottom taking as much time as needed breathing with each area, the neck, jaw, shoulders, back. Feel the tightness melt and flow out through your feet into the earth. Open the held places to receive the spacious movement of Life. You may notice a gentle movement in your torso as if you are undulating with the breath like sea grass moving with the tide, rooted in earth and supported and held by the ocean. Feel yourself connected to earth and supported by the energy field of generativity that enfolds you. You may add a word or mantra such as “Yes” on the inhale and “Thank You” on the exhale. Or “I am” on inhale and “Peace” on exhale. As spiritual beings we are rooted in our body, yet completely supported by the field of life force that surrounds us like an ocean. As holding and tension leaves the body, it frees the Spirit to move through as the Breath of Life and allows the emergence of our deepest creativity and latent talents. The creative fire is rekindled and fed by the constant inpouring of Life energy. We become a vessel of Light and life on this Earth. This is felt on some level by all people we come in contact with and gives them non-verbal permission to open to the fullness of Life. Change your breath- change your body, change your thinking- change your experience.

A Visionary Healing Arts session can facilitate this process and practice by working with your body to release rigidity and trauma. We can also work with your subconscious to reveal hidden attitudes and patterns that are restrictive and to engage your inner wisdom and emerge your latent creativity and soul expression. We can invoke your guides, angels, helpers and allies who are waiting to support your work. This can be done in an in-person session or a remote healing session.

Call today for your appointment! 941-922-8874 (texting not accepted