Feb 262014


As you launch into this year, what will guide your path forward? Around the first of each year I have found it beneficial to take time to go inward and ask for a word or phrase that will be used as the focus and intention for the year. Each time there is a decision to be made it becomes easy to determine by asking “Is this in alignment with the intention I have set for this year?”

To find your word or phrase, go into your stillness in a meditation and ask your higher self, guides, angels, etc, to reveal the word or phrase that is most powerful for your evolution this year. It may not come right then, but may appear later in a book, a song, or something someone says to you and you get a “gut feeling” that THAT’S IT! So stay open and receptive and expect it to come to you.

Your word may guide you to your latent potential that is waiting to emerge. This is what you already are, so there is no need to struggle to become, just own it, embrace it and be willing to evolve it.

During this process, I came across a word that was new to me….Dahrana, which is a Sanskrit word meaning concentration or one-pointedness. I got the hit and knew immediately it is my word for 2014. So if I start to look like a cone-head, you’ll know why!

If you have not set your evolutionary intention for the year, please feel free to use this process. If you feel blocked by limiting beliefs, attitudes, habits, low energy, pain, scattered mind, or anything else, a Visionary Healing session of craniosacral work and/or an intuitive/channeled reading would assist you in moving forward in your power.

Let’s all have a year of living our soul purpose and fulfilling our highest destiny!


Jacquie Riker