May 302013

“Happiness is the greatest paradox of nature. It can grow in any soil, live under any conditions. It defies environment. It comes from within; it is the revelation of the depths of the inner life as light and heat proclaim the sun from which they radiate. Happiness consists not of having, but of being; not of possessing, but of enjoying. A martyr at the stake may have happiness that a king on his throne might envy. Man is the creator of his own happiness; it is the aroma of a life lived in harmony with high ideals. For what a man has, he may be dependent on others; what he is rests with him alone. Happiness is the soul’s joy in the possession of the intangible. It is the warm glow of a heart at peace with itself.”   Karen Weinreb

How does one come to a“heart at peace with itself.”? Where do you find contentment, meaning the feeling of being satisfied with the contents of your life? Contentment doesn’t mean that you are resigned to be stuck where you are, but that you can accept where you are now so that you can engage your next step forward from the power of peace in your heart….not fear. Fear keeps you in the continuous ego loop that stops you from stepping out into the unknown so that you can open new doors. The ego wants you to stay with what you know because the unknown is terrifying. But if you create tomorrow with the “same ole, same ole”…what you get is the SAME. To create new life, you must risk moving with the wisdom of the unknown which then opens you to create something truly NEW.
The heart knows how to do this……REALLY??!! YES! But a heart contracted in fear cannot. Only a heart that has been liberated and opened to greater perception can guide you into the soul’s joy of life. The soul speaks through the heart, but if you haven’t listened to it, the voice may have been silenced.
Visionary CranioSacral Work can facilitate a dialogue with your heart to discover what is there and what is not there. Plugging in to heart wisdom will open doors that you did not know were there! And when you kindle the deep courage of your ancient heart, you have a powerful ally and guide as you move forward into the excitement of co-creating your life. Let your heart reveal it’s inner light and radiate it’s passion for enjoying a happy life.
The intention of Visionary Craniosacral Work is to create a clear mind, a free body, and an open heart!

May 062013

This month of May is teaming with auspicious energies.  If there is anything in your life (interior or exterior) that is no longer serving, is hindering or feels constrictive, now is the time to set the intention to let go and open to your higher possibility to be whole, free, and empowered.  Seeing this process as a “Hero’s Journey” (my upcoming class) can offer a way to navigate surprises and changes with a sense of being prepared and centered in your power rather than being a victim of circumstances that “happen out of the blue”.  It helps to see the challenges of life from a mythic perspective complete with numerous allies by your side.  Mythologize rather than pathologize!
It can also be comforting and supportive to be part of a group or community which is engaged in understanding life through the lense of the symbolic and mythic.  Such is the upcoming class “The Hero’s Journey”.  Please see the event page for details.rainbow tree