Mar 262013

Recently I taught 4 classes on Igniting the essence of your heart power and I would like to share some of the “motifs”……
“When our lives are informed and graced by the energies of essence, we come to live the larger life we were meant to have.” Jean Houston, The Wizard of Us
“When illuminating your shadow, use only a candle light. A halogen headlight is too harsh. Be kind!” Jacquie Riker
“If you want to know what your thoughts were like in the past, look at your body today. If you want to know what your body will be like in the future, look at your thoughts today.” Deepak Chopra
Responsibility – The ability to spontaneously respond to life in this moment with all of the creativity and wisdom harvested in your lifetime. J. Riker
“A lesson is not learned, after all, until it is lived, integrated, understood; and this is what the heart does best.” Merivale, Harps of Gold
Comments by JR – With heart wisdom you open to your “becoming”, the emerging of your higher consciousness. Intellectual curiosity is fun, but meaningless without the heart of integration. It can even be dangerous because intellectual knowledge can be manipulated by the ego for self-serving purposes.
The reconnection of head and heart is the “hero’s journey”. The hero within awaits and beckons you to go forward in trust that even though there are perils ahead, your heart holds all the courage necessary to overcome the obstacle of fear. Your soul calls to come home to connection, wholeness and freedom….will you awaken to the call and make the return? This is a journey that you must do for yourself, but not by yourself. Many non-physical helpers are waiting and ready to walk with you.
If this sounds intriguing…..Visionary Craniosacral Work can help you to ignite your heart-light so call today for your appointment! 941-922-8874