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An Intuitive reading can help to clarify your path in life.  If you have ever asked yourself…”What is my soul purpose” or “What is the meaning of this experience”, “How can I get unstuck?” Jacquie’s skills as a psychic and medium can enhance your perspective.  Jacquie’s readings focus on where you are now on your life path, which beliefs are serving you and which are limiting you, where you want to be in your consciousness and how to get there.

Rahnwyn is Jacquie’s main spirit guide and works with St. Germain, Metatron, St. Francis, and the Michael group.  With Rahnwyn, Jacquie does group and individual channeling sessions either in person or long distance.

Pet/Animal Communication and healing

Gracie’s Home! 

Recently a distress call came from an out-of-state client.  Polly and her daughter thought fireworks would be fun, but Stacie’s little Yorkie didn’t agree.  Gracie bolted, petrified by the noise and fearing for her life.  Gracie was lost.  With a heavy heart Polly asked, “Can you help us find her?”    Knowing how it feels to lose a precious pet, I said I would give it my best shot.

Early  the next morning, using skills of Animal Communication, Dowsing and Visionary Craniosacral Work, I saw that Gracie was in shock, literally petrified and not going to move at all.  Her nervous system welcomed soothing, balancing craniosacral work to relieve the trauma and I told her that if she wanted to get home, she needed to get out and about so that she could be found.  Luckily she was wearing an identification collar.

Stacie and I created an energy cord of love between her heart and Gracie’s and she was to keep that cord shimmering all day and call Gracie to her.  There were others helping in the search and it all paid off when later that day Gracie was found walking down the street and was rescued by helpful people and animal control.  She was unharmed and wildly happy to be reunited with Stacie.  Everyone was exhausted but grateful for a happy ending.

In a follow up session  I released more trauma energy, calmed and grounded Gracie. We had a lovely communication about what her mission is with Stacie and why they are together.  It has been a deeply touching and gratifying experience to do this kind of work with people and their pets.  If you have loved a dog or cat (or any animal), you know what I’m talking about!

Animal Communication can also be helpful for behavior problems, illness, transition times, grief process, separation anxiety, or just to know what your pet wants to say to you.  All I need is a photo of your pet and some background information and we can get started.  If you are interested or would like to know more about how this work can help you and your animals, please give me a call at 941-922-8874.

Conscious evolution work moves you up to a higher frequency vibration to attract what your soul desires in life.  By working with the body, we transform any energetic patterning that holds limiting beliefs or contraction.  The process of core belief transformation can help you to discover your soul purpose, awaken your authentic power, manifest your dreams, transform obstacles into allies, identify your archetypes and communicate with your guides and angels.  This is the exciting journey of a lifetime!

For all of her adult life, Jacquie has been studying, seeking, finding and sharing that information through her healing and intuitive skills.  She has studied with several shamans, psychics and medical intuitives.

She is an ordained minister and has been active in the New Thought and metaphysical community since 1986.

To schedule an Intuitive reading in person or by phone please call 941-922-8874 (no texting please)

Half Hour Intuitive Reading $55.00

Intuitive readings can be done in person or by phone.

Full Hour Intuitive Reading $110.00